Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

The Best Field Service Management

The Best Field Service Management

Revolutionize your business with Field Promax

Garage Door Services

Allow customers to send in a repair request directly through the Field Promax website with the added functionality of auto-generating work orders from recurring work. Never miss a call back or a maintenance appointment!

Alarm Installation

Have an urgent request for alarm installation/repair? Not a problem with Field Promax’s GPS locator that helps you assign the nearest available technician so that you can turn around a work around in record time.

Home Automation

Home automations have a lot of variables. It is better to create an estimate in advance that is shared with the customer so that the services and resources are agreed upon before the technician’s visit. This helps save time and makes your customer interactions more effective.

Electrical Services

What your team needs to repair a fan is different from what they need to install a generator-with Field Promax you can track which team member has checked out which equipment to be able to schedule your technician visits effectively.

Carpet Cleaning

Customers can choose timings for pick-up of the carpet and will be updated at every step of the process. The carpet drop-off can be done at the customer’s convenience with location and contact details easily accessible to technicians.


Customers paying for HVAC services needs reassurance with respect to safety and trusted equipment. Through Field Promax, these customers can know what exactly they are paying for with detailed invoicing and provide on-field feedback by signing off on the completed work order.

Service Technician

Segregate your technicians according to the services they offer and optimize their payment rates for easy access. Monitor their locations live and inform the customer of the same, providing them with contact details for easy communication.

Janitorial Services

Pay your technicians/employees by the hour? Keep the right count with Field Promax! The app allows technicians/employees on-field to record the start and end time of their service in real time.


With Field Promax, you can keep your customers well-informed of the progress of their work order. If you are in the landscaping industry, this makes scheduling much easier and ensures customers are available at the decided time.


In the painting industry, you need to regularly assign multiple technicians to the same work order. In Field Promax, you can assign groups of people to specific jobsand assign team leaders so that work remains on schedule.

Maid Services

With our recurring work order functionality, you can ensure that your customers have access to your maid and housekeeping services without break. You can also track your technicians/employees and keep a tab on their calendar and availability to guarantee continuity of service.

Snow Removal

With Field Promax, you can guarantee your customers that they would never be snowed in. Our tool can record exact locations and create work orders with ease. This kind of ease of access ensures high customer satisfaction.

Park and Rec Services

The details of all your employees working at different locations can be segregated in different workspaces, available for easy access on our system’s dashboard. You can also access their location and contact details for verification to avoid confusion.

Heating and Plumbing

In this industry, you need to know which equipment would be needed on the job and what are the additional fittings requested. To do this, you need to keep an updated inventory and equipment record and we can help you do that.

Window Washing

Window cleaning can be a bulk-order business. Keep the process professional by using our invoicing tools that help you generate bulk order invoices with ease.

Computer Repair

Computer repair is an industry that needs experts. Technicians need to be effectively utilized and routed to ensure maximum productivity. Our team management functionalities let you keep your team of technicians on track.

Lawn Care

Integrate all your accounts from QuickBooks and manage your old and recurring accounts for lawn management and receive periodic reminders. This integration helps you avoid repetition as well as inconsistencies.

Pool and Spa Services

Do you offer indoor and outdoor pool installation along with spa/hot-tub installation and repairs? Then you need to create and manage cost estimates and resources required and with Field Promax you can do just that. This will allow customers to have an informed discussion with your technician and cut down on the back and forth.

Cleaning Services

Put your customers on a schedule and with our QuickBooks integration, you will be able to generate an easy to maintain payment schedule without having to re-enter customer details.

Access Control Systems

With a specialized database and system, obtain accurate details and manage multiple locations with ease.

IT Services

Ensure faster access and communication with your employees as well as customers using our advanced computing and cloud-based services.

Property Management

Maintain long-term jobs with minimum effort in maintenance without diminishing quality of service.

Emergency Medical Responders

Perform all your back-end services so your team can focus on the front-end without any hassle.